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May 25, 2006

No this is not an Onion feature

Yes, there was the time his team - and those Indian airforce pilots - risked their lives to save him and he would like to think people would stop to save him again and he understands there are moral issues here and hobbling over a dying man to get to the summit of Everest might make it a "hollow victory" thereby harshing his buzz BUT Climbing Everest is "an egotistical thing to do."

Everest is said to be littered with corpses. In my 30 years of climbing, I never saw a dead body on a mountain but I know I would have found it deeply shocking to have been brought so close to the prospect of my own death in this way. Objectively, climbers accept their mortality - but there is an inevitable element of self-deception and self-belief at play: subjectively, they don't think it will happen to them.

Not to worry, Stephen Venables. After reading this nasty little screed I would not piss on you if you were on fire.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at May 25, 2006 07:19 AM


You're right, ghost. The unselfconscious vanity of this twit is frightening. Do you think he'll have trouble find climbing partners in the future or are they all this way?

Posted by: cobalt blue [TypeKey Profile Page] at May 26, 2006 02:28 AM