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October 29, 2005

Thou art thy mother's glass

While people have been rather mean about Kelly Osbourne's figure she turns out to be an admirer of Kylie Minogue's. Echoing the considered observations of countless communication studies essays I have read, Kelly believes that "sex really does sell". Kelly is right to credit Kylie some of her success to her pixie-like proportions but Kylie also claims a vast gay fan base to whom her pixie-like figure is secondary to some nebulous something else. This something else is what Kelly might better spend her time cultivating than surgery and botox and so forth.

Meantime, Kelly's mother, Sharon Osbourne has offered some less than charitable observations about rock and pop aristocracy. The fun bit is decoding all the asterisks.

Speaking of Madonna, she told GQ magazine: "She’s a t**t. I would like to punch her. She is so full of s***. ... She’s in Kabbalah one minute, she’s a Catholic the next — she’ll be a Hindu soon no doubt. F*** off you t**t."

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