July 31, 2004

Winston, No. 4


The Winston Review is a new Flea-feature intended to offer spirited, uplifting alternatives to the defeatists and apologists of the mainstream media. This installment begins with a bon voyage to people seeking peace and a new life in Israel.


"Melanie Sztake from Paris, France holding an Israeli flag, arrives at Ben Gurion International Airport near Tel Aviv" (via Merde in France). The story of this photo might be a dispiriting tale of contemporary France. I choose to take heart in the continuing rebirth of Israel. I have heard it argued it is the responsibility of people living under oppression to take leave of that oppression. Let the most determined, most optimistic, most free-spirited people take their talents to places where they can find their full flower.


This week in the Red Box:

"Hating America", Bruce Bawer writes of living in a country whose media class "that was so awed by America as to be flattered by even its slightest attentions but that was also reflexively, irrationally belligerent toward it." Along the way he comes to appreciate American virtues he had taken for granted (via A&L Daily).

"Take the Pledge", The Commisar asks us to disagree with someone we respect at least once a week. Good idea (via INDC Journal).

"A quiet joke at your expense", The Economist considers the problem of irony as a palliative for, and perhaps a cause of, a "post-heroic, post-imperial, post-modern society" (via The Tiger in Winter).

"If the Dead Could Talk", Victor Davis Hanson takes on the "folly" and "meaninglessness" of war and a European belief that Hitler's evil stopped spontaneously.

"This is what you support", Iraq the Model those who have abandoned the Iraqi people to terror even as they have condemned those who acted to liberate them.

"The Last Amazon has left home", the Last Amazon writes about her daughter for whom her blog is named. She is off to join the Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corp, 48th Highlanders.

"A Modest Open Letter", E. Nough offers unsolicited advice to Israel toward gaining sympathy and respect from "the international community" (via lgf).

"U Penn Prof for Shari'a", Daniel Pipes takes on the University of Pennsylvania and the Maldives, where "as a matter of law, all citizens are Muslim."

Your courage. Your cheerfulness. Your resolution.
Will bring us Victory.

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