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April 30, 2004

Trojan War


Manfred Korfmann, director of the excavations at Troy, comments on whether or not the Trojan War depicted in Homer's Iliad, like, happened.

On the basis of my years of experience and knowledge of Troy, I feel the question ought to be: "Why should the scholars who won't rule out a possible degree of historicity in the basic events in the Iliad have to defend their position?"

Ok, I teach this stuff and that is a pretty boring question. How about, shouldn't Helen be prettier than Achilles? And how many millihelens can Brad Pitt register anyway? I mean, wouldn't that need another unit of measurement seeing as he is a guy?

Posted by Ghost of a flea at April 30, 2004 07:31 AM

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From what I see in the tv ad, the film's writing team must have pulled an all-nighter trying to come up with a Gladiator-esque pre-battle psych-up line.

"Immortality! Take it, it's yours!" or something like that. Yeesh.

Posted by: Mike Campbell at April 30, 2004 12:08 PM

Maybe it's because it is after 2 a.m., but the first thought that struck me when I clicked through to this post was "There's something wrong with that Kylie picture"....

Posted by: Mich at May 1, 2004 02:21 AM

Ha! Now Kylie registers at somewhere over a thousand millihelens...

Posted by: Flea at May 1, 2004 09:51 AM