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April 29, 2004

Invisible Adjunct

For people outside the academic job market, an adjunct lecturer teaches on a course by course basis typically with limited benefits. Pay is also limited so there is a tendency to overload on courses thereby keeping tenured faculty from straining themselves and limiting an adjunct lecturer's time to finish the PhD or write the publications that lead to a full-time job. Disappointing to see one of my favourite blogs come to end and a peculiar echo of my own work circumstances just now.

The Chronicle of Higher Education notes the passing of a great blog (hat tip to Mondo Sismondo).

She's the Invisible Adjunct. Or at least, she used to be. After five years of being an adjunct and a year after starting one of the most popular academic Weblogs, she is giving up and getting out. More than a decade after entering graduate school with great promise, she hasn't landed that full-time, tenure-track spot she dreamed of. So although she's unsure what comes next, she is quitting the academy and shutting the blog down.

"What I need to do, I think, is to revise and rewrite my own script," she wrote months ago when she began to consider this jump. "Get me rewrite! I'm done with this story and I want a new script."

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