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November 15, 2003

Jet Boat Gemini


The answer to the ultimate Canadian bar trivia question: what was the name of Relic's boat? No, not his houseboat, the Chuck-Chee, but the name of his astonishing jetboat...

The Beachcombers touched a lot of people. There are visitors from something like 80 countries wandering through the Flea each month so I expect there are many people looking at this entry wondering what on earth I am talking about. My Persephone post touched people in a way that suggested my own affection for a television series I grew up with is not particular to me. International Flea-readers may miss out on the deranged excitement I am feeling right now to learn that Relic's boat may indeed have had a name if only off-camera.

And such is the power of the blogosphere. Get this: a Flea-reader writes with the name of Relic's jetboat...

I will reprint his comments to my earlier Persephone post in their entirety. And yes, I do remember the episode "Jet Boat Gemini".

Larry writes:

I think I may have the answer for everyone in regards to the name of Relic's jet boat. I was a faithful fan from the beginning to end. It was a true classic and it is a shame the network that carried for 19 seasons won't show all the episodes. I was fortunate to visit the set in 1985 and again in 1990 for the final show called Sunset. I was given a small part and spent the whole time hanging around with cast and crew. The series premiered October 1,1972. The last original one aired December 12,1990. It was broadcast in repeats for a few weeks after when it was taken off for good. Relics boats name? "Hi-Baller" was its name off camera.

PS, For anyone true Beachcombers fan. If you watched closely you would know there were two jet boats. Does anyone recall the episode "Jet Boat Gemini" Both boats were featured in that one. It originally aired in 1974. It was a gooder.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at November 15, 2003 11:32 AM


I just could never get into the Beachcombers, I'm afraid.

Posted by: Ith at November 17, 2003 01:08 PM

I have relics boat
I found it battered up in prince rupert a few years ago and got it working and used it for beachcombing . I naw work as a realtor in the nanaimo area and have the boat here. it has to have a new engine installed and then I hope to drive it over to the set for all to see

Posted by: gareth at June 26, 2004 12:29 AM

That would be something to see! So... can you shed any light on the boat's name?

Posted by: Flea at June 26, 2004 01:28 AM

As for the name? damm boat, you bloody@%*!!!!, ect would fit the bill as boats ar for working you paint them dark coulors so you don't have to see them after thy sink at the dock.this beast has earned the respectful name or nick name as it is as relics boat. The funnest part is the character that relic was based upon is still on the boats, up in prince rupert, working on boats. reeminds me of relic every time i here his voice

Posted by: gareth at July 8, 2004 12:09 AM

great article

Posted by: perry at August 4, 2004 04:34 PM

If thats the black jetboat
thats not Relics, the real
one is currently stored in the
impound lot in gibsons.

Yes I was in rupert and heard
from many people about Relics
boat being there but I saw
the real boat at the impound
in Gibsons today.

Posted by: jay at October 6, 2004 11:56 PM

Jay, you are posting your answer to the wrong post. Also, please read both posts on this subject: there were more than one jetboats used in shooting. They are all "the real" thing.

Posted by: Flea at October 7, 2004 06:05 AM

I would love to buy Relic's boat. Ihave grown up in prince rupert and loved all the beachcomber shows! Icurrently live on Barnston island in surrey and would love any information on relic's jet boat either one in any condition thanks in advance.hawky@telus.net My name is hawk.

Posted by: 007 [TypeKey Profile Page] at July 12, 2005 10:06 PM