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September 20, 2003


Kylie Minogue has been spotted wearing a charm necklace (Sun editors file the piece after thigh society, large nostril and copycat chic articles):

KYLIE’S cute little necklace is sure to charm you. The Chanel trinket costs almost £2,000 and has been spotted being worn by Jade Jagger and Cat Deeley too.

Chanel's Symboles fine jewellry collection of charms does not have an obvious price listing so let us assume the Sun estimate is about right.

The Charms line whimsically mixes Gabrielle Chanel's favourite symbols in 18 karat white or yellow gold, with or without diamonds: N°5, the C, the clover-pierced heart, the camellia-pierced heart, the door of N°18 place Vendôme, the star, the comet, the stag.

Ok, here is a quiz for Flea-readers everywhere. Why do people wear charm bracelets and such? People carry symbols of all kinds on their person either as a gesture of commitment or a talisman but the meaning of charm bracelets with their particular collections of symbols has eluded me. A Canadian charm collection would almost certainly include a shamrock rather than a camellia-pierced heart so presumably there are ethnic or national traditions in play here.

I like the idea of a charm for N°18 place Vendôme, the address of Chanel between the Ritz and l'hotel d'Evreux.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 20, 2003 07:39 AM