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September 05, 2003

Weirdly enough

The Flea does not have strong feelings about Britney Spears' music. It is non-interesting to me but also non-irritating. Basically, I am indifferent to her oeuvre. Britney's life and thought, by contrast, have impinged on the Flea's crucial, limited thinking capacity on two occasions this week and have done so once again.

Even the headline is irritating: "Spears Says Mom Approved of Madonna Kiss". How long, I wonder at reading it, is she going to keep up this ludicrous ingenue routine? At twenty-one years of age, Ms. Spears, your decision to kiss or not to kiss is your own. Not your mother's. I always thought the Brooke Shields-stylee virginal branding was as ridiculous as it was disingenuous. If parents were concerned their young girls were taken with a slovenly dressed role-model I fail to see how Britney's purported sexual purity discharged those parents from their obligation to protect their children from pop culture nonsense.

And this, weirdly enough, is just creepy:

"Well, my mom liked it actually. I was really kind of nervous! I was like, `Oh my God, my mom ... she's going to see this!'" Spears told Billy Bush in an interview on "Access Hollywood." Excerpts from Thursday night's show were released in advance.

"But no, she liked it! And my dad, weirdly enough, he thought it was fine, too. I mean, come on ... it's Madonna. If you can kiss any girl in the world, that has to be her."

And then... A tangentially related news item did not fit anywhere else so here it is. I imagine Flea-readers everywhere will rejoice to learn Justin Timberlake is to record a single with...

wait for it...

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 5, 2003 11:47 AM