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September 01, 2003

Women in spacesuits

Catherina Schell von Bauschlott (Catherine Schell) portrayed ethereal, red-headed alien shape-shifter Maya in tv's Space 1999. How could this native of the planet Psychon fail to impact the psyche of the Flea as a boy?


The date... September 13th. The year... 1999. The disaster... the moon is blown out of Earth orbit by an extensive explosion emanating from the nuclear waste pits, thus causing it to drift endlessly through the void of space. This is the fundamental premise for Gerry Anderson's crowning achievement, Space: 1999.

Ahh yes, and what a crap premise it was. The crap of genius! Some say Maya was at her best in the "Guardian of Piri" episode. I disagree. Others may demonstrate a greater obsession with Space 1999, or women in spacesuits, but I am still haunted by Maya's distinctive eye-brows after all these years.


The Flea's greatest crime against memorabilia was a childhood impulse to throw out a broken water-pistol based on the side-arms from Space 1999. Thank heavens I still have my die-cast Eagle transporter and cargo Eagle complete with detachable radioactive waste pods. I still have a couple of the Space 1999 annuals and a model of Moonbase Alpha with miniature Eagles.

A final fashion-tip for sf fans: don't forget your underwear when you take your Space fetish on-line.

Posted by Ghost of a flea at September 1, 2003 09:31 AM


Got your Space: 1999 MegaSet DVD's yet?

Region 1 version is good--but I've heard that the UK version has a lot more nifty extras than Region 1.

And...don't forget UFO! Women in tight outfits with purple hair! Talk about Dancing Fleas!!!!

Posted by: Fred Kiesche at September 1, 2003 11:54 PM

I used to make Eagles out of Lego (and, incidentally, those little triangle pieces from the Risk game made great Vipers!).

Can you watch UK Region dvds on players here? Is there a way to adjust the player? I have "The Tripods" first season, which I've watched on my PC, but just curious about the player. Thx.

Posted by: Mike Campbell at September 2, 2003 07:20 AM


I have a friend who lives in the UK and has a Mac laptop (nice!). He has it set to "Region Zero", which, IIRC is the "universal" region. In theory, you are able to watch all DVD's by using that setting, but in reality, again IIRC, some DVD's get a little snippy and refuse to play under anything other than their "real" regional settings.

Which could get us into a big debate over the stupidity of media companies, the Digital Millennium Act, etc., but let's not!


Posted by: Fred Kiesche at September 3, 2003 08:50 AM

No Space 1999 DVDs yet. Vexed again!

I seem to remember using Risk pieces as Colonial Vipers too.

Posted by: Nicholas Packwood at September 3, 2003 11:21 AM

While I enjoyed Maria Schell, I thought the 1st season of S:1999 was superior to season 2. Either the writers were stoned, or I was, but it was surrealistic fun.

Posted by: *** Dave at September 3, 2003 12:26 PM

I'll agree that Season One is better than Two. And you know what's even better? Season One on DVD!

Why? Well, the networks (IIRC, WPIX in NYC when it first ran) cut just enough out to be irritating now that I see them uncut. There was some good character development, etc. sliced and diced.

Hmmm...now that the late-lamented "Firefly" is coming out on DVD...how long before we see "Starlost" on DVD"?


Posted by: Fred Kiesche at September 3, 2003 04:23 PM